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Life On Mars 1/18/17 “The Trumps Prepare For Inauguration Day”


Life on Mars in Jan 21

We are particularly pleased with the guest appearance of the ghost of Calvin Coolidge, though he is considering boycotting the inauguration…sigh.

Life on Mars 1/11/17 “Brokerov Looks Beck” Aka “Brokerov and the Waltons Take on Public Education”


boris-is-good-525Brokerov Photo Irina Voiteleva, Moscow Conservatory, October 1, 2013.

The Walton Family wants to seriously subsidize public education in Arkansas. I am sure this not sit well with Bernie Sanders. The Mediation between charter school people and Public Teacher unions is one of the most important issues in the United States.

Interesting side note: In the south the charter school debate IS more difficult. Some charter schools in the south want to teach Creationism as part of their curriculum (I mean by this dispensing with the theory of evolution while doing so)… The legislative body in Arkansas for instance seems to be way more lenient on charter schools (having been affected by Walton paid lobbyists) than “Democratic” public schools. The advancement of charter schools is seen as a threat to successful democratic public schools….all…very bad news. We saw this in the way McCrory of North Carolina dramatically slashed public education funding in North Carolina (To make way for charter schools)….mediating between democratic public schools and charter schools does not mean bowing to charter schools…it starts with greater support of public schools and less vilification of them….it goes on to take the best of what charter schools have to offer to the benefit of and not the detriment of democratic public schools. In general, less bureaucracy, more creativity and sharing of ideas….things like this. Ie students come first always. The comfort their parents have with deep conflict about how to do things….a distant second…hopefully one day, out of the picture.

Life on Mars “New Years’ At Mar-A-Lago”


Life On Mars “2016 And The Unbelievable Truth”



I’d have to say the the “Loudest Opinion” does not so often mean the majority opinion but quite often the monied opinion….this is more about opinion in media than dissent…though attacking Ivanka on a plane is not our bag…and this year media and Wikileaks…along with the FBI did more to undo a candidacy…than anything we’ve ever seen. The truth in this age matters more than ever.

Life on Mars “The Electoral College In Action” December 19, 2016



Life on Mars “Power” December 16, 2016


Life on Mars “Dames Rule” 12/14/16



This is a strip that attempts to sum up Madonna‘s great Dec 11 Speach in 5 words, which is not really a great idea…So go find madonna’s great Dec 11 Speech. But I’d tell you this….progressivism is not over. First, we have the electoral college vote on monday. 2nd Elon Musk has been named as an advisor to trump. and third and this is a big one, Trump leaned so havily towards Petet Theil and so far away from Mike Pence when he sat between them at the tech meeting today..that I ASSURE you….Trump has way more feeling for Peter Thiel who is gay….than he does for Pence…who did conversion therapy to overcome his “Urgings” and save his marriage, and yet has been completely anti LGBT in his legislative tendencies….If you want to get Trump out do it before the inaug, if u do it after the inaug u get Pence….hear me roar….Michael Moore.–Cal Rhodes, Dec 14 2016

December 7, 2016 “A World Without Hate” aka “Pearl Harbour Day”


Life On Mars: Trump Transition Thanksgiving (The Musical)



Life on Mars: 11/16/2016 “Jullian Assange, Asshat”



This was one of the worst uses of journalism we’ve ever seen: Release thousands of emails that nobody reads and then sum them up in a few damning tweets…that used to be called “Press Releases.” Jullian Assange is our Asshat of November, ’16