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Happy Thanksgiving: From Pilgrim Country

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November 19 2014 “Wheeling and Dealing on The Red Planet”

November 12, 2014 “Occupy Guy and The Silver City”

Nov 12 best 525

In this strip Brokerov meets Occupy Guy….whose very presence inspires Brokerov to supplement his trophy record setting  apartment purchase with a plan to “Glamorize not gentrifylow income housing and to donate directly to public education starting in North Carolina…where Brokerov suggests his new “Mergin with The Union” Program to sort of supplement and limit union control of public school teaching AND the way it is funded.


November 5 2014: Paris Hilton is the New House DJ at The White House


October 29th 2014 “Every day is Halloween For Helmet Cam Man”

October 29 2014

There is a lobby in the United States, emerging from people, petitioners, folks most effected by this summer and very much in the midst of the Ferguson shootings ….the movement is to have a national law requiring police officers to wear a tiny camera on their bodies, maybe several, even, AROUND their bodies that 1: help them document ALL of  their work and 2) Give them extra vision on the job to provide them with greater security.

This is what “Cal Rhodes:  Helmet Cam Man” is all about. Getting to that law.

Here’s a petition for Body Cams in Ferguson http://www.change.org/p/police-chief-jon-belmar-require-ferguson-and-st-louis-county-and-city-police-officers-to-wear-body-cameras


October 22 2014 “Sometimes, You Gotta Live Mas”

Oct 22 good 525

October 15, 2014 “Occupy Guy”

October 15 2014

The Glamwire Group Drops “Occupy Guy” at www.occupyguy.com BUT we’re at Cal Rhodes site as we work at GW internal at moment http://glamwire.com/…/20…/09/occupy-guy-1-september-17-2014/ As someone brought in by a friend, Ed Needham IV, on sept 17, 2011, I twinkled with best of them, and was one of the key operatives in The Original Message Unit…which got twinkled down by consensus (the original message AND the group BOTH got twinkled down. The Message Unit was unable to agree on any form of Original Message, or in fact, any kind of message). This project is all about continuing a discussion about financial inequality in America and around the world. Send me your images and words and we’ll make an Occupy Guy strip from them…if you are not a violent lunatic and you do not put ALL of the spelling on me…which is not advisable.





occupy wall street Occupy wall street  Occupy occupy occupy

October 8th 2014 “Life on Mars”

Mars 525

This of course is a reference to the two houses the Pilgrims have built so far in Ixual Canyon. I had NO IDEA…of what these floorplans look like..Shocked….that apparently Ted Tadpolo is seeking rental income from what –and I am equally shocked about this–he is calling “These Units.”

October 1, 2014 “When You’re A Jet”

September 24th, 2014 “The Return of the Duke.”

Sept 24 best 14 525

This is the first Pilgrim of the 2014-15 season…We refer to the first Pilgrim cell made and put online on march 29, 2000, in Shandoka, Colorado by Lyon Smith And Cal Rhodes….and I can assure you, that Rico was very near by.  The First Cell involved Duke, infrared lighting, bats..and the words “Bad Craziness.”