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Dec 17 2014

DECEMBER 17 2014 “Brokerov and Bochavar Part 2″ aka “Beck in The USSA”

Dec 17 525 GOOD

Very pleased to be able to be able to make this strip today with Edward Mayberry Needham IV….though I think Boris kind of over did his outfit here, (we are working on something with Boris that involves this look…though this may change our mind). Other than that…Ed’s a guy who has constantly brought my heart and actions to a better place (through activism incidentally) and on this day, when we do in fact toast a guy whose activism changed the world (Squeaky)…I’m proud to get a hearty little bit of that toast in with a few diet colas and a really wonderful person.

December 10 2014 “Redefining Education in North Carolina”




In North Carolina public education has been decimated. This piece below is about that.

Dr. June Atkinson, the state superintendent of instruction in North Carolina, said, ““For the first time in my career of more than 30 years in public education, I am truly worried about students in our care.”

Lindsay Wagner summarizes the damage done to public education by the North Carolina legislature:

It cut more than $500 million from the state’s public schools.

It passed a voucher program to allow students to take public money to private and religious schools.

And more:

The 2013-15 biennial budget introduces a raft of spending cuts to public schools that will result in no raises for teachers, larger class sizes, fewer teacher assistants, little support for instructional supplies or professional development, and what could amount to the dismantling of the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program. Teachers can also say goodbye to tenure and supplemental pay for advanced degrees.

Wagner asks, “Is this the beginning of the end for public education in North Carolina?”

The privatization movement is in full swing in North Carolina. What was once the most progressive state in the South is now leading the attack on public education. For the first time since Reconstruction, the governorship and both houses of the Legislature are in the hands of Republicans, and these are not moderate Republicans who want to preserve a strong public education system. These are radical privatizers who want to send public monies to private schools, religious schools, and entrepreneurs.

The governor’s education advisor, Eric Guckian, is a Teach for America alum. TFA won $5.1 million in the new budget.

December 3rd, 2014, “The Scandalous Season 5″

dec3 2014

Happy Thanksgiving: From Pilgrim Country

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November 19 2014 “Wheeling and Dealing on The Red Planet”

November 12, 2014 “Occupy Guy and The Silver City”

Nov 12 best 525

In this strip Brokerov meets Occupy Guy….whose very presence inspires Brokerov to supplement his trophy record setting  apartment purchase with a plan to “Glamorize not gentrifylow income housing and to donate directly to public education starting in North Carolina…where Brokerov suggests his new “Mergin with The Union” Program to sort of supplement and limit union control of public school teaching AND the way it is funded.


November 5 2014: Paris Hilton is the New House DJ at The White House


October 29th 2014 “Every day is Halloween For Helmet Cam Man”

October 29 2014

There is a lobby in the United States, emerging from people, petitioners, folks most effected by this summer and very much in the midst of the Ferguson shootings ….the movement is to have a national law requiring police officers to wear a tiny camera on their bodies, maybe several, even, AROUND their bodies that 1: help them document ALL of  their work and 2) Give them extra vision on the job to provide them with greater security.

This is what “Cal Rhodes:  Helmet Cam Man” is all about. Getting to that law.

Here’s a petition for Body Cams in Ferguson http://www.change.org/p/police-chief-jon-belmar-require-ferguson-and-st-louis-county-and-city-police-officers-to-wear-body-cameras


October 22 2014 “Sometimes, You Gotta Live Mas”

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