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April 23 2014 “At The National Theatre”

“La Traviata at the Kremlin”

Pilgrims April 16 2014 525

April 9, 2014 “A History of the Pilgrims”

Avril 9 beter 525

April 2, 2014 “Livingston, I Presume”

april 2 525

So here you have an obvious spoof of the end of Scorcese’s  “Goodfellas. “  I was also gonna add the line “I cant tell u what the 18th floor of Stalin’s Notorious Leningradskaya hotel looked like in 1982….it made the plane scene in the “Wolf of Wall Street” look like an AA meeting at New York Presbetyrian Psychiatic Hospital” But I could not fit that in. Im particularly pleased that Brokerov looks like Leonid Brezhnev here..dont try that at home.

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March 26, 2014 “The Return of Speed”

March 26 2014 525


March 19, 2014 “International Tensions Melt (At Brokerov Theatre) aka “Dress Rehersal in Elko”

March 12, 2014 “A Meeting With Ambassador Bochavar on 52nd Street”

March 12 2014

March 5, 2014 “The White House 3-5-14″

March 5 2014 525

February 26, 2014 “The Boris Brokerov Theatre”


February 19, 2014 “Race Week Numero Uno”

Austin Dillon has the pole for Sunday;s Great American Race