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“Pilgrim Country” 9/20/2017 “Dr. Healthcare Returns”


How do Insurance Companies make money on this kind of billing. We’re gonna find out…pretty sure kickbacks collusion and non savory things are a part of it! But we will find out…as Dr. Healthcare puts on his tweed sports-coat and takes the pulse of healthcare in America!

Pilgrim Country June 14, 2017 “Doctor Healthcare”


June 14 BEST525

For the original Dr. Healthcare….and serious Met Fan….Dr. Joel Nathan. Note that the new American healthcare plan according the Congressional Budget Office will cut $15 Billion a year in federal subsides in the USA and knock 24 million people off of insurance.* Note that the new budget seeks to cut $180 billion ANNUALLY from medicaid. What does that mean…it doesn’t look like it means something very positive. Dr Healthcare (“Healthcareman” sigh) is on it.


*Congressional Budget Office 2017

Pilgrim Country: June 7th 2017 “Pottersville”


Pottersville 525

Pilgrim Country May 24 2017: “A Note On The Budget”


May 24 525

Pilgrim Country: 4/12/2017 ‘Pharaoh and Ramses Discuss Their Process”


Pilgrim country april 12th 525 2017

Life On Mars: March 22, 2017 “Spring Has Sprung At The White House”


March 22 yes 525

Life on Mars: “On the Radio”


Life on Mars Feb 22 2017 525

Life on Mars February 8 2017 “Let it Snow”


Feb 8 2017 525

Life on Mars 2/1/2017 “Power to the People”


Life on Mars 1-1-17

Trump has promised “Power to the People” Paul Ryan seems to have another idea. At least in this comic strip.

Life on Mars 1/25/2017 “John Lewis Met The Press”


1 25-17 525