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Bernie Wakes Up

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Bernie wakes Up

July 11, Tomorrow, Bernie is set to endorse Hillary Clinton in Portsmouth NH. thats the news.

March 24, 2016 “Becoming Presidential….Slowly”

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Pilgrim Country 525

March 8, 2016: “Downton Abbey Revisited”

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January 27, 2016 “Trump Rolls Into The Primaries”

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January 20, 2016, “State of The Union”

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January 15th 2016 “New York New York” Aka “New York Values”

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New York New York

January 13, 2015 “Starman”

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At a fun 2nd amendment rally by the side of an indoor shooting range at Hudson, New Hampshire…First anti-Cruz theatrical performers got onstage and one did a quick monologue next to him….Cruz put his hand on the guy’s shoulder and twanged “I think your confused.” Cruz then shocked onlookers as he came into the crowd and posed for selfies with EVERYONE…showed grit and was the only candidate we’ve seen in New Hampshire who shook every last hand out there until the last dog was accidently shot by one of the many hand guns being bandied about. I kid…but not about the politics part. Cruz is energized and gives a very very strong performance out there. He may seem too marginal in terms of views for the main stream…..but like Nixon and all the heavy hitters (talking purely about political ability here)….he’s maleable.

So I wasn’t THAT surprised when Cruz began performing “Starman” …by David Bowie, and indeed, Cruz is becoming a fast rising star in the Republican  party. It feels like he’s 24 years old (Check that but he’s young). Big performance in this debate tonight. There is a bit of a Starman thing happening with Senator Cruz. Very talented politician. I think LGBT rights might take a big hit if this guy were president…..but…like Nixon….Cruz initially has a potential VP feel. Rubio hit him hard last night….and Rubio also has that feel. So Trump surrounded by two very famous  Cuban Americans…..Segura….. Bernie‘s gonna really relate to the 55 million hispanics in the country…oh yeah….Bernie’s gonna relate big time.

January 11, 2016 “Goodnight, Sweet Prince”

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Jan 7 2016 “Season 36, 1968…How Andrew Lloyd Weber Saved Downton in the 60’s”

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December 15, 2014 “To Religious Freedom” aka “Pope Marcello #1”

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